Sunday, December 13, 2009

Haute Smoky Eyes

Haute smoky eyes are always in season especially around the holidays. Here are my tips in 7 easy steps that take you from the girl next door to a sexy siren with bedroom eyes!

Time: 5 Minutes

What You Need: Eyeliner, Two Eye Shadow Brushes, Dark Eye Shadow, Light Shimmery Eye Shadow, Volumizing Mascara and primer


Start with an eye shadow base or primer… use it to dab the lids

Line eyes with a black, brown or gray eyeliner or dark eye shadow (You can also use vibrant colors like purple, blue or deep green)

Blend Color on bottom lashes… the trick—smudge it

Apply dark shadow (with a brush) below the crease to get the full effect… go from dark shadow to light shadow as you move across the eyes to the brow

Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your browbone

Blend with a Q-tip

Finish with several coats of volumizing mascara

What are your haute smoky eye tips?


  1. Keep it simple! I do a super simple smokey eye that's a stunner!

  2. Using a base is good, but I always apply each shadow shade @ least 3 times-- makes it really last-- then... I like to line both the inner rim of my lower&upper lashline-- really creates a dramatic look. finish w/lots of mascara :)

  3. This That Beauty! Great Tips... thanks for sharing!

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  5. The Beauty Girl! I'll apply your tips as well! Thanks!