Sunday, January 3, 2010

David Yurman's New Fragrance is Haute!

The David Yurman classic luxuries fragrance collection is one of my new indulgences. After a quick trip to Neiman Marcus, I decided to try the new fragrance, created by my fave jewelry designer. The collection features Eau de Parfum in a citrine-colored, faceted bottle with the iconic DY cable design band topped off with a brilliant cut black stone. Also included in my personal selection, the sensuous body cream in a beautiful square cut jar sealed with a faceted gold top also with a cable band. Just one application envelops my skin in a creamy, silky veil of richness.

The luxurious fragrance consists of mandarin, fresh green petals, cassis, peony, water lily, natural rose otto, patchouli, exotic woods and soft musk notes. But, it’s the woody-musk scent that stands out with my body chemistry along with vague hints of floral notes. Some call it “An elegant fusion of brilliance and depth, the fragrance intertwines exotic woods and patchouli with the fluidity of rose and water lily.” I love the body cream because the fragrance lingers ever so softly without being intrusive and “never losing its sensual aroma.”

My little luxuries came with an elegant black leather keep-sake box with the David Yurman logo embossed on the top.

Have you tried the new David Yurman fragrance?


  1. gorgeous packaging. i'll have have to check it out! thanks for sharing.

  2. The box is a really nice gift! You would love it. Great for storage.

  3. I haven't tried it but it sounds awesome. Will have to look for it.

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. I havent tried it yet, but I am a fan of this jewelry line.

  5. i bought as a gift for my lovely wife she adored it
    it matches the elegance of david yurman style and the luxury of his collection