Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My New Sweet Haute Spot

American food with a healthier approach to southern classics is served up at Sweet Auburn Bistro. This charming little haute spot is located along Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue where history and culture meet. Executive Chef and Owner Glenn Law is the creator of the “new southern” cuisine infused with Caribbean flair offering flavorful food at affordable prices.

Once inside you’re transported to a modern day version of 1955 Atlanta where the smell of Georgia Shrimp and Cheese grits and double crust peach cobbler along with rhythmic beats fill the air. This cozy little gem offers a menu of dishes featuring exotic creations like the Sweet Auburn Chips made with black pot kettle fried potato chips, drizzled with melted blue cheese, red onions and scallions and Scallop Risotto prepared in Mediterranean fashion. You can also get soups, salads and 171 burgers while you dine with friends or alone for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Casual conversation over Cabbage Town fried green tomatoes, Hotlanta wings or decadent desserts along with a selection from their extensive wine list makes this the place to be during Monday's live music night or any day of the week. WiFi is also available.

Sweet Auburn Bistro is open seven days a week. To learn more visit

Will you check out Sweet Auburn Bistro?


  1. Ooo I will definitely put this on my todo list for my next trip to ATL. I've been having a bit of ATL nostalgia lately, so a trip may be sooner than later.