Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haute Travels Tips for Traveling Solo

Are you thinking of getting away but everybody is busy or can't commit to travel? Think of it as the perfect time to get a little "me time" into your hectic life by going solo. I have traveled to the Bahamas, Paris, and the Caribbean alone and totally enjoyed every adventure. I have to say it’s one of the single most exciting things that I’ve done. I’ve met some really great people, while learning so much about myself. I remember relaxing on the beach in St. Lucia and got invited to dinner by a group of people from New York City who were sitting nearby. As it turns out, we all had careers in television, at one time or another, so we had plenty to talk about.

While traveling solo in Paris, I took a summer photography class and spent my days learning about my classmates who came from other parts of Europe, the US and Brazil! But my favorite discovery in Paris, my friend Carole, she and I have become great friends. I met her while working on a story about French beauty products. So every time that I travel to Paris without friends or family, I’m never alone because I have friends who live there... all because I took a chance and ventured outside of my comfort zone. Once Carole and I joined a group of her friends who live and work in Paris for cocktails and conversation. They were amazing women with haute careers in fashion photography, TV and public relations. We sat around and talked about whatever was on our minds at this posh French hotel. I loved it because it was Très chic!

Solo travel is the way to go for many who don’t have a travel companion. If you love to travel and the thought of staying home “because you don’t have someone to join you” enters your mind… think again!

Here are my 5 tips for solo travel:

1. Just do it… if there’s some place that you’ve dreamed of seeing, but you’re held back because you can’t get on the same page or schedule as your friends or family—plan your trip anyway!

2. Join a travel group if you feel like you absolutely need company on your trip.

3. Do your research before heading to your dream destination and check the US government website to make sure that it's safe to travel to your haute spot. 

4. Be careful when talking to strangers or exploring your destination alone. I rarely venture out to unknown places alone or at night. And I don't tell strangers that I'm traveling alone!

5. Be sure to leave your contact info in case of emergency with a trusted friend or family member.

Remember to be aware of your environment at all times and select your hotels carefully. It's really no different than traveling to cities like New York or Chicago. Just don't let the thought of traveling alone keep you from discovering the beauty of travel.

Have you ever traveled solo?


  1. I traveled solo to New Orleans this past October and while it was a little hectic running through an airport with an 8 month old was not fun but I'm proud of myself for having survived.

  2. I'm not sure if i could travel alone, outside of the U.S.

  3. My first solo trip was overseas. It was the best trip I've taken. Me, a map, a car and a book of B&Bs. I followed my own whims. It was incredible.

  4. I haven't fully traveled on my own... although I have flow by myself and spent a day or two by myself in a new location. However, I aspire to travel solo in the future, its such a great way to have "me time" and discover things which you enjoy. Great tips on solo travel!

  5. This was very encouraging.. thanks soo much!

  6. No I haven't..too chicken this blog and your tweets are making me change my mind. I am going for it in 2011...Great advice!