Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Haute Tips to Becoming a Travel Writer

My tip for those who want to write about travel—just do it! You don’t have to be the best writer but you should be passionate about travel. Find your voice and write about things that you know and like. Be authentic!

When I started travel writing, I didn’t have clips or assignments but I had passion and curiosity. Even though I was a journalist, my expertise was producing broadcast news stories. However, I knew how to tell a story no matter the format.

But the best thing that I had going for me—a strong support system… not only did my family and friends encourage my interests, but they invested in them. They saw something in me that I had not seen in myself and because they said that I could do it—I did!

Four years later, I’ve traveled all over the world capturing stories about fabulous spas, exotic destinations, and haute hotels. My stories have appeared in both local and national magazines. And I’ve even given travel tips to the local NBC affiliate, plus I started a haute travel blog thanks to social media!

If there’s a travel writer in you… here are my 5 Haute Tips to getting started:

-Get a passport

-Learn to write, find your voice and tell your story

-Talk about what you know… turn your travel experiences into headlines

-Learn how to pitch effectively for your targeted outlet

-Take pictures that tell your story

You should also study what other travel writers are doing and read their stories. Learn to pitch effectively and do your homework. If you’re serious, you’ll become a travel writer in no time so fasten your seatbelts!

Is there a travel writer in you?


  1. Very inspiring post! Indeed a strong support system and a passion for your chosen field are great tools for success! I love the fact that you included being authentic as a necessary element for success! It's all about embracing our unique voice --thanks for being a great example of successfully pursuing one's passion!

  2. I love to travel and have lots of pictures & memories...I hope one day I had enough time to put it into words to share with the world. Very inspiting article...keep your dream up!
    Lala from budget accommodations

  3. Great post. Could you tell more about pitching effectively? I think that's where I fall short.xoox, P

  4. Hi Patti!
    Learning to pitch effectively is offered in my Travel Writing coaching sessions!

  5. Thanks for the tips very informative!

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  7. Excellent post! Love the tips! Do you offer your Travel Writing Coaching Sessions in Atlanta only?

  8. This is definitely a post that speaks to me. I love your first statement "just do it." When I had that a ha moment and started my blog, that was the biggest step for me. This article really piqued my interest and I would love to know more tips.

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