Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Message from Kate Mack in Paris

One of my favorite fashion designers in the world is Kate Mack. I met her a few years ago during one of my trips to France where I discovered black designers in Paris. I remember the very first time that my friend Carole introduced us... we were standing in Kate's boutique surrounded by her clothes and jewelry in the heart of Paris. Yes,  I was in love! But there has always been something special about Kate as a person and I felt an instant connection with her. She's truly living a life that most girls dream about... designing clothes in the fashion capital of the world and in love with her  French fashion photographer boyfriend. 

I have always admired the talent, creativity and passion that she brings to her designs... and consider her (in a word) Fierce! And if you don't know who she is... you will. Trust me when I tell you there is nobody like her in the game. And if I sound bias, I am. I love her work... I wear my Kate Mack originals with confidence because no matter where I go somebody asks me "who are you wearing or where did you get that?" I honestly feel the love that she pours into her work. And speaking of love... I recently got an email from Kate and it made me smile and inspired me to take a risk on something or someone new... see for yourself!

Paris, France, January 3, 2011


You look gorgeous on that new picture. Wish you just the very best for 2011. Take good care of yourself, live great experiences and find love, true love.

Hope to see you soon.

Love you,

I feel extremely fortunate to have traveled the world and met some of the most amazing people on the planet who really care about me and never hesitate to let me know it. When people ask me why I travel--this is one reason why. I just never know who I'll meet that may offer the right message at the right time, inspire me to dream bigger or just be the friend that every girl needs and deserves.

So who have you met that makes you smile?


  1. I took a chance on going to a private college out of state & met my amazing group of bffs. Even we now all live in different cities we always try to stay in contact & keep each other lifted.

  2. While in Malindi and Watamu (coast of Kenya), I met a former Italian postal worker who traveled to Kenya for holiday and decided to stay. He was the manager at a hotel we stayed at and we later saw him having a weekend holiday in Watamu. I loved that he was living the dream and that his break from work spot was just as beautiful and relaxing as his job location. He said why slave away waiting for retirement when you can enjoy right now.

    I hope I'll be telling a similar story to vacationers when I move.

  3. I love traveling too, my first big move was moving to Tokyo, Japan for postgraduate study right out of college. I had never spent more than 2 weeks away from home until then so it was scary at first. Stayed for 8 years in Tokyo. In 27 days I will be upping and moving my life from Tokyo to London. I am so excited and hope to travel to Paris, Spain, Portugal and well....just about every European country there is. I have been going back through your blog posts and i am totally inspired and excited.