Haute Stuff! Sharmooz Satin Travel Pillow and Mask

When it comes to beauty on the go there’s nothing better than waking up to smooth skin and silky hair. And thanks to my new complimentary Sharmooz satin travel pillow cover and eye mask, I wake up with silky hair free of tangles and smoother skin no matter where I am. Beauty industry-insiders and celebrities have known for years that sleeping on 100% Charmeuse satin helps to reduce dryness caused by sleeping on cotton leaving your hair in a “matt” state and depleting your skin of hydration.

Sharmooz satin can be washed unlike silk and it’s completely travel ready offering cooler nights and a more beautiful rest. When you wakeup, you’ll find that your hair falls right into place and your skin feels softer offering a more youthful appearance.
To learn more visit http://sharmooz.com/

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