Friday, December 17, 2010

Haute Style Strategy: Rock the Jewel-Tones!

As the holiday season gets into full swing, I decided to forgo the traditional red and rock jewel tones. I’ve been working with style consultant on abandoning my black for colors that pop next to my complexion. She’s got me wearing all kinds of hues like purple, gold, navy and loving it!

She suggests that I always focus on shape and silhouette because once you get that down it’s easy to select figure flattering garments according to your body type. Since my body type is more hour glass… it’s important that I select great fitting garments with emphasis on a cinched waist. But it’s not easy working with curves! I’m always conscious as the style consultant suggests of the image and message that I’m conveying through fashion.

She suggests the following when selecting your HAUTE look:

-Understand your body type

-Blend out to create an effective image

-The power of color

Don’t be afraid to step out in color and embrace your curves… it’s all about body type not your size that keeps you looking HAUTE!

What are your style secrets?

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