Sunday, September 25, 2011

Confidence is HAUTE!

I love hanging out in Los Angeles so when I have a chance to head west--I do! I was in LA on a philanthropic mission but I did have time to meet friends for dinner and meetings with my American Express prepaid card in hand. I also met two of my Haute Travels followers while in town.

On this day, I just wrapped a meeting with a swimsuit designer who creates sexy suits for curvy girls. While walking through the lobby of The Beverly Hilton, I noticed the flowers matched my dress so I had to pose for a picture.

Being in Hollywood means that you can’t help but notice that some people are supper skinny. But for girls who rock their curves, we also turn heads because we tend to be more secure in our skin and our confidence shows.

When I walked through the lobby of the hotel… heads turned and people smiled. I think the color of my dress along with my glow brightened their day! And that’s HAUTE!

What do you think about a confident woman?


  1. LOVE a woman who is not afraid to flaunt it! I have friends, who are single digit sized, and they say to me "I can't BELIEVE you wear a bikini!" Why wouldn't I?!

    Size is all in your mind and you look HAUTE. Keep being an inspiration!

  2. There's nothing wrong with a confident curvy woman, as a matter of fact..I'm one!!!

    Curvy Confident women, tend to have more confidence than a thin woman at times, especially the one's who are super skinny, but think that they are fat.....

    I agree with Angie also, Size is all in your mind and you look fabulous doll!!!


  3. So great to finally meet you in person! I hope you enjoyed LA and hope out travels allow us to cross paths again in the near future. In the meantime, keep it HAUTE!

  4. Confidence is infectious. I wish more people had authentic confidence. You look gorgeous in that dress.