Friday, September 6, 2013

Haute UV Eye Protection Tips for Travel!

Most people understand that ultra violet protection is key when it comes to keeping our skin free of harmful UV rays but few realize it's just as important to protect the eyes. In fact, a reported 40% of adults in the USA fail to wear sun protection outdoors. But just as alarming about half of parents fail to protect their children's eyes with sunglasses or some other type of protection according to a recent report by The Vision Council. 

As a frequent Haute Travels girl, I live for a great pair of sunglasses. In fact, I don't travel without them. It's part of my UV eye protection habit along with fashion inspiration!

I was selected by The Vision Council, a nonprofit organization, to help spread the word among my readers, while being compensated for my efforts. I am happy to promote eye safety. Proper eye protection is key to good vision health.

UV exposure can cause unprotected eyes serious "problematic" vision issues. No matter where you are Paris, South Africa or the Caribbean, sunglasses and protective eye wear can prevent issues before they start or mitigate future eye damage for adults and children. 

Here are tips to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays even on a cloudy day:

-Apply sunscreen to skin around the eyes

-Wear sunglasses or protective eye wear with a UV protective lens (UV protection will be indicated by a label on the lens or a sticker on the sunglass frame)
-Stay in the shade; limit direct sun exposure
-Wear a hat

Do you think about the sun's UV intensity when packing for a trip? Be sure to pack wisely with appropriate sun protection for your eyes as well as your skin and hair!

To learn more and find out how to protect your vision click here to download The Vision's Council's report...

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