Thursday, August 21, 2014

Haute Beauty Oil Treatments

Summer is the season of beauty oils and I always add them to my Haute Travels bag. Although the skin naturally produces oil, adding more oil to help with dryness and keeping the skin firm can make a tremendous. Oils penetrate the skin faster than many creams... and potent fatty acids can help protect the skin from free radicals and even reduces the signs of aging.

Here are three beauty oils that I use for my face and body from Clarins, Bottega Veneta and L'Oreal Paris. They are amazing products delivering great results no matter where my Haute Travels take me. 

I am in love with Bottega Veneta's satin body oil. It's lightly scented and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Just massage it into your skin when it's damp from a bath and you'll instantly feel the difference. It leaves beautiful satiny soft skin with no oily residue. I also love to pair it with the satin body powder on a nice breezy evening in the South of France.

When I'm traveling to the Caribbean, I always add my Clarins "Anti-Eau" Body Treatment Oil to my carry on. It's made with 100% pure plant extracts to drive toxins from the skin, while also shaping, toning and firming. Plus, lemon extracts help energize, while hazel nut nourishes the skin. The best way to apply the oil is to first warm it in your hands and massage it into the thighs, legs and ankles. It's also best to follow with a cool shower to further activate the product by sealing it into the skin.

When my face starts to get dry during winter in London, I break out my L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil. It absorbs into the skin instantly leaving it more radiant. It contains eight essential oils to combat dryness and leave skin feeling soft. I also use it right before bed to hydrate overnight. 

The great thing about oils, you can easily add them to other products like cleansers, moisturizers even shampoo and conditioners to increase hydration to hair, skin and nails.

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