Saturday, September 20, 2014

Atelier Is Haute!

My new fragrance obsession from Paris... Atelier's Orange Sanguine is extremely lovely. It makes me smile when I apply it to my wrists and the back of my ear.  

It's the kind of fragrance that evokes special memories. It's the first Maison de Parfum dedicated to cologne. The Cologne Absolue celebrates the essence of citrus fragrances and oils such as blood orange; it's a central ingredient in making pure perfume.

The blending process literally takes the woman or man who wears it around the world. Top notes include blood orange from Italy, bitter orange from Spain and red mandarin from Italy. Heart notes include, Jasmine from Egypt, geranium from South Africa and black pepper from Madagascar. The mixture concludes with base notes from tonka bean from Brazil, Sandalwood from Indonesia and cedarwood from Texas.

Once applied, I can feel the essential oils on my skin and its lasting power of  something beautiful.

The Atelier Cologne bottles can be refilled or reused. Additionally, travel size fragrances come with an engraved leather case to match the bottle top. You can also add a lovely candle to bring the fragrance into your sacred space. I selected the Rose Anonyme because Turkish rose is one of my favorite scents.

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