MIYU Brews Up Haute Beauty Solutions

There's a new beauty duo that's brewing up hydration from the inside out. I recently discovered the amazing MIYU Beauty teas and Hydrate mi Beauty Essence for a perfect pairing. 

I love the idea of putting together my two favorite loves... a great cup of organic tea and facial mist that also contains the rich nutrients of a serum to counteract dehydration and stress on the skin. It really does boost my skin's natural ability to retain water. This is perfect for the Haute Travels girl who wants a pretty complexion while traveling especially when flying.

The teas and Hydrate mi Beauty Essence fuse ancient Chinese beauty secrets and the latest scientific advances in skincare using superfruits and vitamins to help the aging process. The amazing green rooibus tea has powerful natural ingredients like Goji berries when fighting free radicals, in all it contains nine types of flavonoids. The beauty tea was created for those who don't drink enough water or perhaps they drink too many caffeinated beverages... as well as the travel girl jet-setting around the globe.

Before you land in paradise sip some tea, moisturize and spritz your face with the Hydrate mi Beauty Essence. Dewy-kissed skin will surely make your day beautiful. 

Haute Tip:  If stress has got you singing the blues, MIYU also has the De-stress mi Beauty Essence and tea. It's designed for those who multi-task from "dusk to dawn." The body releases stress hormones which can cause skin irritation and even kill skin cells. De-stress mi Beauty Essence and tea contains natural ingredients that may have you looking haute and feeling stress-free in no time.