Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paris Insider Shopping Secret

There is absolutely nothing like the euphoria you get when you find that one of a kind pair of Jimmy Choo's just waiting for you. What about the vintage-inspired handbag that you stumble upon at a boutique that nobody knows about.

It's no secret that I absolutely love shopping in Paris for antiques, designer goods and vintage items. But with the dollar being so weak year after year, I decided to seek out a designer resale shop that I was told houses the likes of Chanel hangbags, Louis Vuitton totes and Hermès scarves. It's a slice of heaven hidden on a medival-like Parisian street in the wealthy 16th arrondissement called Dèpot-Vente De Passy. It's a wonderful overstock and resale shop offering great buys from top designers. Only shopping-insiders know about this little gem. You just never know what you'll find. I've discovered great gently used handbags like YSL and Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the orignal retail price. Whenever I'm in Paris... this is my first stop!

Do you have a favorite shopping spot in Paris? Would you shop for secondhand chic?



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!!! I'm going to spread the word! xoxo ~Deesha

  2. J'adore! How I miss that little shop. There's a nice little bistro a half block away to grab une salade. Wish I could remember the name...

    Looking forward to more posts :-)

  3. Can't wait to go there one day and find some great buy's. Aisha M.

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  5. Great blog idea!! I hope to plan a trip there possibly next year. Of course I am Always In Love with Vintage!! Will keep you posted on the trip. Look forward to reading more :o) Rachal P

  6. Bon Jour mon ami...
    Marian, your tips are definitely on the money. Traveling abroad has always been pricy and in todays economy...ooh la la!
    I encourage your readers to take notes because you're the real deal! Greta

  7. I love this blog!

  8. Awesome Resource for All your Haute Travel Needs!


  9. No Wonder...You are a Pisces Girl just like @DrSamiLL_B11 and @SamatraS...February Sweethearts...

    I am a Libra, I balance them or they'd be in Empath Heaven. LOL Excellent Blog Site Marian. Keep up the Fab Work!



  10. Bonjour from Paris, Marian! I'm LOVING Île-de-France...I can't sleep I'm So excited! Toured the City yesterday and had lunch at Musee del'Orangeri. Fabulous City on this my 1st Visit. Though I still love Cannes/Monte Carlo/Riviera, Paris has now trumped them for me. It is the City of Lights and Love! :^)
    I "Should" be back in the States by this Friday. Take care Paix