Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Haute Summer Travel Beauty Tips!

When traveling for business or pleasure a Haute Travels girl knows looking good with minimal effort for maximum appeal is part of our travel package. When preparing for a trip, some things are just as important as my ticket, passport and carryon bag—my haute look.

Here are eight tips that will keep you looking haute.

-I love a great rosewater spritz to keep my skin hydrated while traveling by plane.

-Haute hair is a must-have so I keep my brown tresses hydrated with frequent steam therapy sessions to keep my strands from drying and breaking.

-When tanning in Miami, Las Vegas, the Caribbean or any where that’s warm and sunny, I always follow up with an after sun moisturizer and self-tanner to seal in my glow. My favorite is by Clarins.

-I can’t leave home without perfectly manicured toes… although when staying at some resorts with great spas I make it a point to hit them first for a fresh pedicure.

-A great lip gloss keeps my kissers fresh and moist while adding color even when I go nude my lips stay haute.

-A great bronzing powder makes my face pop with a fresh flawless look.

-Great brows are important in adding instant glam.

-No matter where I go during the summer, I travel with Skin So Soft by Avon to keep the bugs away.

Staying haute is what it's all about... but most importantly be sure to use products with an spf and use sunscreen to keep the rays at bay.

What are your summer beauty tips?


  1. Ran across your blog today. LOVE IT!

    My friends laugh @ me, but I put a little glitter in my tanning oil. I don't know why, but I just love the way it sparkles and shines when the sun hits it.

    But, hey, what Haute Girl doesn't like to shine?!

  2. I love that tip... I'll have to try it! Sounds HAUTE! Thanks for checking out my blog ;)