Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Exclusivity of Paris Designer Kate Mack

In a world where fashion trends reign supreme, 38-year-old French designer, Kate Mack prefers exclusivity. She describes her collection as “feminine and elegant with a funky edge blending modern appeal with classic romanticism.” Many of her avant-garde designs are reminiscent of the Victorian era, but they are nothing short of fierce.

“I try to define the femme fatal, the glamorous and sexy woman and her different moods, desires and needs,” explains Mack. Her signature cowl-neck sweaters, A-line coats and hooded gowns in sensual, colorful fabrics and three-dimensional concepts expose her deepest thoughts. “I create what I feel. I don’t draw any of my designs; they are the fruits of visualization.”

Although Mack, a woman of French-West Indian heritage, says she doesn’t follow fashion trends, everything seems to inspire her. “The language of fabric, pop culture and women on the street dictate what I do—they are the starting points for everything,” she says. “I love fashion, it’s a fabulous means to assert one’s personality and seduce others, while expressing yourself.”

Mack was born in Paris and educated at the Sorbonne, but turned to hair and makeup to express her creativity. Her collections are like poetry in motion blending feminine edgy concepts into romantic and wearable art. “Anything can push me into creating,” explains Mack. “I came up with the idea of using synthetic hair on dresses, coats and accessories. It came naturally to me because I could sew braided hair on anything.”

Inspired by a lack of original creations while spending summers in the Caribbean, Mack’s passion was born. The self-taught designer says her aunts introduced sewing to her as a teenager. They also sold her garments in their shops giving birth to designer "Kate Mack." Since 2002, Mack’s designs have been seen all over the world, including her 2006 debut during Paris Fashion Week. Her clients range from entertainers to lawyers… singers Les Nubians have been added to her roster of celebrity clients along with TV host Linda Lacoste.

As she sifts through samples of her designs in her small boutique, in the heart of Paris, Mack whispers, “I feel very close to designers like Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Azzedine Alaia because of the way I see women.” While not comparing her work to anyone else, she is quick to say, “I’m just doing my thing, trying to show that multiplicity is a richness. I’m a mixture of cultures; my vision is eclectic, plural and tolerant.”

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  1. Her stuff is definitely FIERCE...does she have any plans to try to sell her stuff in the U.S?

  2. Hey!

    Kate has talked about relocating to NYC.