Monday, September 6, 2010

Idris Elba Interviews Haute Travels in Curacao

What happens when a chance meeting turns into a really cool conversation with one of the stars from the biggest movie out right now, Takers? Something HAUTE… that’s why when I got the chance to meet Idris Elba, I really wanted to know how travel inspires him, but he wanted to interview me. I’m thinking to myself, “Why” I’m not that interesting.

So I sat there trying to keep it together as he asked me questions about my career and beyond all without a shirt on with just a pair of shorts and that British accent that’s so HAUTE. But I got through it and thought… there’s still a story here after all. I just didn’t recognize it.

Imagine sitting on a beautiful stretch of beach in one of the prettiest places on earth, Curacao, talking to “Driis” as his friends call him and not having seen his new movie or the television series, The Wire! Lol However, in my defense, I planned to see Takers this week! Fortunately, he didn’t seem to hold that against me and instead decided that he wanted to know more about this southern girl from Atlanta who knew absolutely nothing about all the things that made him famous. In fact, he seemed to like it. I was honest about it. And he may have even been intrigued by that. But from my perspective, it made him a person to me and not a celebrity. So in that unguarded moment, I was candid with him.

Here are 5 questions that Idris Elba asked before he went for a swim in the ocean... leaving me thinking, wow, he really got me with the role reversal!

Idris: Why did you move back to Atlanta?

Answer: So that I could spend more time with my parents who missed me while I lived in Chicago for so many years. Now they’re older.

Idris: What’s your favorite city to travel to?

Answer: Paris, it’s the place where I feel the most creative and free

Idris: Do you always poke your lip out when you think no one is watching?

Answer: I don’t… but he said “Yes, you do. I saw you do it.” Lol Of course, I kept denying it!

Idris: What makes you happy?

Answer: Helping people who want to write about travel… find their passion and follow their dream. At the end of the day, I’m also a story teller. So I help people lay the blueprint for creating their own script about their lives. 

Idris: What’s your real age?
Answer: ??… but he says, “No Way!” Yes, really.

Thanks Mr. Elba for flipping the script and giving me a story that I never expected. You just never know how chance encounters offer an opportunity for introspection in those spare moments (that we rarely have time for) allowing someone to see inside your soul. By changing things up, I got to learn a lot more about you than I could have ever imagined.

What do you think about Idris' role reversal interview?


  1. He looks like a lot of fun! I met him here in Atlanta and he was so fun!

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  3. OMG!! I would have melted on the floor.

  4. I think you are the LUCKIEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET!

    OMG! I never watched the wire, but I saw TAKERS TWICE!

  5. Kudos to you for maintaining your composure during those heightened levels of Hauteness!

    I think it's cool that he flipped the script in that way,because after all, you ARE that interesting!

  6. Hey Girls!

    Thanks for the comments. I'm glad that I ended up with a story... Idris was very kind. He's been touring like crazy promoting Takers and has done a million interviews. He said he just wanted to relax since we were all at the beach. So I decided that he deserved down time and as a result we ended up having a great conversation anyway.

  7. Great story girl! I mostly like the fact that you and Idris went to Curacao! I love my island and hope you loved to be there! especially with THAT man pfffff...

  8. That is unreal! You are definitely a champ for getting through that without passing out. I probably would've (hoping he'd catch me , of course). I love that he seems as cool as I imagine him to be. I enjoyed this story. Go 'head girl with your haute self!

  9. i don't know about the role reversal but he seems like a genuinely nice, humble guy. i already liked him as an actor (love him on The Office) but my he just gained an excessive amount of cool points interviewing you.

    A Woman Reading

  10. O-M-Good GAWD...I would have gone brain dead!! I'm SO excited for you AND hating at the same time! He's SO HAUTE!!!

  11. You handled that way better than I ever could have. I would have just kept saying "Oh my, you're handsome" over and over. The interview would have been much less interesting!

  12. Monique, You are too funny! Lol Yea, this was a tough assignment :)

  13. What do I have to say about this interview? Ummmm....back away from my boyfriend before someone gets hurt. Ha! Great interview. So glad you had such a magnificent time.

  14. Love it ... and him! How fun!

    Winks & Smiles,

  15. No other words to describe this other than HAUTE!

  16. Via Twitter @SamatraS/ Now That's Hershey Bar Yummy!!!HAUTE_To_Da_Maxxx LadyM...Umh Huh ;^)

  17. I met him in a club in Atlanta one night he was very nice. Idris is FINE! *swoons*

    My cousin loved Curaco (sp) she went a few yrs back

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