Haute Travel Trends for 2019

As we usher in a new year of travel, here are three trends for 2019 that I predict will bring you lots of cheer!

Beauty and Wellness 

Just like beauty trends for 2019, travel will also include many more options to help us look and feel our best. Travel is a big part of my beauty and wellness routine. Flying off to some of my favorite haute spots and indulging in an amazing spa treatment like the La Mer facial at the Park Hyatt in Paris makes a girl's skin glow. 

Mini Vacay 

The mini vacay is also on the rise. We all need a little “me time,”
when life demands more from us than what we may have to consistently give. The problem, we may not have a week or two to take off from work, school or other commitments. But that's where a weekend or 48 hour get-a-way to a quiet destination solves the problem. Catching up with a good book on a beach or 
spending time at a bed and breakfast in the countryside or boutique hotel may be just the thing that you need to reclaim your sanity.

Purpose-Driven Tribe

Tribe travel with a purpose is also on the rise for 2019. We all see the Instagram pictures of people who travel with their best friend but now we’re expanding this to include more friends who can help us elevate our travel game and business plan. Jetting off with your girl boss friends who have the skills and networks to help each other live their best lives, while drinking champagne in France or soaking up the sun in Miami is the ultimate travel goal. When you return home, you come back with plenty of ideas to launch a new business, revise your plans or follow your dreams.