Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HAUTE Lashes for Instant Glam!

A little lash and flutter can transform your holiday look into instant glam. Remember the Hollywood starlets of the 1960’s? Lashes, hair, haute gowns—the girly girl look? Well, it’s back and now you can have the same dramatic effect with individual lash enhancements that make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer in minutes. To pull off the “look,” it’s all about personality!

To get my haute look, I consulted Master Eyelash Stylist, Eryn Renee; she added individual lashes underneath my lash line creating instant “Wow!” It took less than an hour to apply, but the results are HAUTE. The lashes can last up to two weeks. But for best results avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 48 hours. 

Haute Tip: If the lash can touch your eyebrow, it’s too long.

Are you a lash girl?

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Haute Thoughts to Live By

I’m PASSIONATE about travel, writing, life, ART, design, my loves, my friends and family. I DREAM bigger because I don’t know how not to. PASSION makes me crazy but there really isn’t any other way for me to LIVE. I attract those into my life who are on the same path of fulfillment, passion, DESTINY and giving. My IMAGINATION is my greatest teacher. My VISION for my life pales in comparison to the one the universe has for me. I take risks because that’s how I GROW. I learn from my mentors, life and career coaches that I am more POWERFUL than I know. I pass on my lessons to others because it’s the price I pay for SUCCESS. I know that the people who INSPIRE and motivate me to take risks are really offering me a clue as to what my DESTINY has in store. I am a friend of COURAGE so that I can live my own TRUTH. I believe that FATE is taking me where I’m suppose to be. I’m the peace and comfort that someone else seeks. When he CHALLENGED me to do something ambitious… I never hesitated; I just started thinking. I live my life without limits because there’s no end to what my mind envisions for me. VISION is powerful that’s why my future looks so bright! My thoughts are filled with HAPPINESS, Excitement, JOY, Gratitude and LOVE! I am MANIFESTING my future by taking ACTION now. I focus on what I want because it EXPANDS, feeds and sustains me. This is the script for my life… what an amazing story!

What are thoughts that you live by?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Haute Kim Kardashian Lip by Eryn Renee!

The Kim Kardashian lip is the haute new way to pucker up. Kardashian reportedly wears Mac’s “Angel” and Nar’s “Turkish Delight” to achieve her pinky lips. When I wanted to achieve a similar lip, I consulted Atlanta-based celebrity makeup artist and esthetician Eryn Renee, known for her application of extreme and individual lashes.
Eryn Renee used various shades of nude with a medium brown lip liner to achieve my Kardashian-inspired lips. Focusing on a three-dimensional contrast, she applied Mac’s “Siss” as my base and “Myth” on the inside of the lip. To get this look, it took less than a minute.

She also added individual lashes to draw attention to a darker eye, but stopped short of giving me the Kardashian signature smoky eye… we’re saving that for another post.

Haute Tip: Use Two Faced Lip Insurance to keep the lipstick in place.

Do you love the Kim Kardashian nude lip?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our New Haute Spot!

Sometimes it’s good to break away with one of your great girlfriends just to chat, laugh and repeat! One of my favorite things to do is meet a friend for a brainstorm or “Mastermind” session as Monique puts it to talk about projects, passions or ideas. Since we’re both independent business women, we understand that your network impacts your “net worth.”  Therefore, we headed to a haute spot in Atlanta called Sip… The Experience, an urban lifestyle and coffee lounge in the Lindberg area. It’s fresh, fly and hip and just the place for a meetup or Haute Travels Blog Chat. So over a cup of designer coffee and caramel cake, we created the concept for a Haute Travels event! So stay tuned!
Where's your favorite haute spot to meetup with a friend?

The New BMW 5-Series is HAUTE!

There’s no doubt that BMW is the ultimate driving machine. I joined a select group of who’s who in Atlanta for a ride and drive event at the $12 million BMW Performance Driving School in South Carolina courtesy of BMW and UpTown Magazine.

We hit the tracks in teams of two and tested each of the new offerings by BMW for 2011. The crowd favorite by far—the new 5 Series. The updated model is a little larger, but some would say smaller visually. The 3.0-liter twin power turbocharged 535i is not for the girls who like to steer but rather those who like to drive. The car offers smooth acceleration with the power to match.

After testing the new 535i on a series of obstacles courses where the rubber really meets the road… the BMW was nothing short of impressive. I will never drive my 5 series the same again. The handling, breaking and sheer power of the 535i is HAUTE! I was impressed and wanted to upgrade all at the same time.

The new 535i has an adequate amount of torque that takes on just about any road condition. The new 5-Series comes with two automatic transmissions, but an optional eight-speed and $500 sport automatic with paddle shifters is also available. You can also change gears with the six-speed manual shifter.

The new version also features an “updated drive and overhauled infotainment system,” along with driver aids like Park Assist… allowing you to parallel park with ease. The car looks great and easily recognized as the best sports sedan in its class when it comes to how it handles on the road. Again, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance!

For the girls who love to sit behind the wheel of a car that says, I’m all that…this one is for you.

The suggested retail price $49,600.00

What's your ultimate driving machine?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Paris is HAUTE!

What’s on my mind today—Paris! I find that I’m waking up everyday thinking about the City of Light. So that tells me one thing… it’s time to go back. But this time, I have something new in mind as I plan my next escape to a place that’s often felt like home. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the most fashionable and creative city on the planet over the years. Yes, it really is all that.
Now that I’ve adapted this global view of the world and how I fit into it, I’ve decided to host a group of fashionable, intelligent, travel-loving women who believe in giving back. So I’m planning a trip that will involve a fashion twist with a visit to local charities… along with social gatherings that bring together black designers, fashion photographers and other members of the Paris’ who’s who among professionals of color or not of color, just cool people… many happen to be my friends.

My wish for this exclusive, yet personal trip—that every girl gets to see Paris as I’ve seen it. A place that allows you to explore your creativity, talk about world events with people from other cultures and challenges you to do something that you’ve never done before. It’s also a place that will inspire you to take a risk and follow what’s in your heart. No matter how many times I visit Paris, I always come away with something even more amazing than before.

So I’ll spend the next few months planning this amazing experience with my friends so that it accomplishes all that I have in mind. And thanks to a friend from London who inspired me to do something ambitious.. by simply saying "I hope you do it!" But make no mistake, it will be HAUTE and TrĂ©s Chic!

Are you ready for Paris?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Haute Topic! What's on My Mind?

When it comes to travel… it’s my thing. And with that comes the opportunity to visit various destinations, properties, restaurants and spas as a guest. Generally, I’m expected to capture a story and tell others about my experience. I write a lot and often I contribute articles without compensation because I love what I do.

When I decided to pick a spot for a girlfriends brunch story idea… I decided to reach out to Concentrics and highlight one of their restaurants in Virginia Highland. So I invited a group of professional women to join me at Murphy’s on Sunday. Little did we know that what could have been a great experience was about to become a rude awakening.

When I arrived at Murphy’s half the party was there and another woman ran late because of “mommy stuff.” But never-the-less we expected a great afternoon of networking and chatting about ways to support one another’s passions and businesses. During the course of our visit there were some things that the restaurant could have done better, improved upon. But I didn’t focus on that… so I thanked Concentrics for inviting me in to sample the brunch.

To my surprise, I received an email from Concentrics accusing the group of not leaving a tip, staying too long and being late. I was not happy about it… so I called them on it. Ironically, the email didn’t mention the long wait to get our order placed, the dish coming out with a raw egg that I made clear I cannot eat or the fact that one of the girls was overcharged by $55 and called to inquire about it, but received a less than professional response from a manager.

Not only was the information wrong about arrival, tipping and length of stay without taking into account our wait, but it was the way they delivered the information. There was no courtesy call to get our side of the story and no sensitivity to an email that “plays into stereotypes about black women” because you accused us of not tipping even though it’s optional. Perhaps, I shouldn’t expect someone who isn’t a woman of color to get that… but there’s always hope.

It’s unfortunate that in 2010, we still have issues that arise out of stereotypes that cause hurt and bring insults when it could have been avoided by simply picking up the phone and talking to me or us. Now, after the fact, the head of the company wants to talk. As my followers, you tell me what we should talk about?

I appreciate the women who were not at Murphy’s, but understand that when you judge one group of black women—you judge us all. And I am so happy to have a network of girlfriends who support me… even if they were not there. We all have shared experiences that remind us of who others think we are without getting the facts straight; we understand the pain that it causes.

Therefore, until I receive a complete and sincere apology, I will not return to another Concentrics restaurant. I ask that those of you who feel the same way… share your story and refrain from patronizing businesses that stir this kind of raw emotion without putting forth an effort to make it right. Concentrics and Murphy’s have an opportunity to show us that we matter, that we are welcome to enjoy a pleasant experience and walk away with a good taste in our mouths instead of something sour.

I’m not the kind of writer who just goes along to get a meal, but rather one with conviction, courage and passion. I’m just one writer with one voice, but collectively we can make a difference.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haute Couture Handmade Hats

French Hat Maker Lou Mistraou creates couture hats made by hand in Provence, France for the girls who understand how to wear—haute headgear. He could be the last of the “most prestigious” hat makers in the region dating back five generations in the area of La Rochelle. Therefore, to acquire a Mistraou was a dream come true for me.

Stepping out on a whim, Mistraou created a hat that would battle the violent icy air that often comes with extremely cold winter months like those in Provence. He created “the Mistral,” a hat much like the people in Provence, “whimsical and impetuous.” Thus was born Lou Mistraou, named after the wind that has inspired it. Mistraou says, “The mistral cultivates paradoxes, but one thing is for sure, when the wind starts blowing, you better protect yourself!”

As a woman who travels the globe, I understand the need to stay warm and fashionable at the same time during extremely cold winters like those in the Midwest. I absolutely love the vibrancy of my Mistral… it may not be for the Atlanta scene, but it’s going to be a hit in Paris, Chicago and London!

The unprecedented design is high on fashion and quality offering detail that only comes with the knowledge of assembling each hand selected piece.

Perhaps the best part about wearing this hat—the way it makes you feel! “Sometimes described as a scourge, it is also praised because it sweeps away the clouds and brings back the sun.”

To learn more visit http://www.loumistraou.com/shop/

Can you rock the Mistral hat?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Haute Hair Transformation

Fall has officially arrived and there’s no time like the present for a beauty transformation. I decided to make my dark chestnut colored hair pop with color. So I headed to William David Salon in Buckhead and put my tresses in the hands of Celebrity Hair Stylist and Owner Bill Murphy. Yes, that Bill Murphy! He’s worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world from Victoria’s Secret fashion show super models to celebrities from every corner of the globe.

When I arrived at the salon, Murphy and his team spent a lot of time examining my hair, lifestyle and personality. After making a few suggestions, we agreed on tobacco colored hair with a splash of red and copper low lights.
Murphy introduced me to the Italian product line called Davines. I was pleasantly surprised at the rich color options and absolutely loved the outcome following a wash and deep conditioning. The product is amazing and my hair even smelled as good as it looked.
Murphy is also a master at the “zigzag” highlights, after all he created it! He doesn’t just brush the color onto the hair in a straight line, but rather he blends it onto the strands so that it flows throughout with incredible movement and shine. My hair has never looked better.
Once my color was applied, I was whisked to the style room where Zeno flatten it out… and thanks to a keratin boost, my hair was frizz-free. I opted for a long bang and fullness rather than super straight hair. The end-result—healthy, shiny hair with lots of body!
 But that wasn’t all… Eryn Renee added individual lashes to make my eyes come alive along with a brow threading and makeup. As they say” beauty is how you feel inside and out—reflected in your eyes.”

I absolutely love the team at William David Salon… they made my complimentary transformation into fall HAUTE!

Are you ready for a fall transformation?