Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haute Travels 2012!

This year, my Haute Travels blog is evolving to more than just where I travel; it’s all about a lifestyle. My blog is a place where I get to write about anything that inspires me or helps me discover something about myself that I can share with you.

My haute travels may take me to amazing destinations, cool places in my hometown or self-reflective moments that inspire and motivate me to live my life better. I’ll even introduce you to some friends, some famous others are more low key but nonetheless just as wonderful. But, they all have one thing in common; they teach me things about myself that inspires me to live in the moment.

Confidence, inner beauty and a great glow are the things that you take with you every time you leave your home. And yes, from time to time I’ll tell you about what’s new in Paris, London or my favorite little Islands in faraway places. And yes, I’m planning another Haute Travels Beauty event and fashionable night out event so stay tuned.

There’s just one thing left to say… Welcome to Haute Travels 2012!

Haute Healthy Hair for 2012

As you know, I started my hair evolution in 2011 with healthy hair strategist Robin Groover. We began working together last spring and the results are amazing. I’m completely Keratin-free and I will never put any kind of chemical back in my hair again. (Although I do add mininal color to keep my roots in check ;)

My golden brown tresses are all natural and extremely healthy and hydrated. My hair has grown tremendously over the last few months. It’s also a lot stronger and fuller thanks to frequent hydration therapy and Groove Therapy products.

In a few more months, my hair will get longer thanks to frequent trims and custom shampoo and conditioning treatments. Our goal is to grow it out to the middle of my back with lots of bounce and shine. Although, I'm in the hair salon about every 7 to 10 days on average... I have noticed that even if I can't get to the salon, my hair will still maintain shine and movement.

If I could give advice to girls who are struggling with their natural hair... I would suggest that you contact Robin at Too Groovy Salon in Midtown in Atlanta. She's the truth when it comes to beautiful, healthy hair first and style second. She is not only a hair stylist and product specialist but she really cares about hair and educating the consumer on individual hair needs. I've had a lot of great hair stylists take care of my hair but I have never had a stylist that invested as much as Robin... she's amazing!

What's your hair story?

A Haute New Year!

Every New Year brings about an opportunity to start out fresh and explore something new and different. As 2012 gets underway, I’ve discovered things that are moving me closer to a life that I had one only imagined. And thanks to some wonderful news and signs from the universe… things are well on their way to coming true. But the journey is the real story because just when you start to doubt, you change the course of your life. If you make a decision to stay positive and ride the wave, as my friend Crystal tells me… magic and miracles really do happen.

As you move closer to your true self, you’ll discover that a lot of things and people that once occupied space in your life will suddenly be removed. There’s a season for everything and a reason for it all… if you pay attention you’ll understand why things move progressively in your favor once you open your heart. Just know that no matter what happens—you’re equipped to handle it.

Starting today focus on your destination, listen to your inner voice and let your intuition guide you. When you start to see visions of your life ahead that’s a sign that everything is coming true. Change is in the air… and last Monday’s full moon confirmed it because it was a “wishing” moon. Everything that you’ve always wanted is within reach… you just have to trust and believe that you can have it. The choice is always yours. Here’s to a haute New Year!

What's ahead for you in 2012?