Saturday, September 18, 2010

Passion is HAUTE!

I absolutely love photography; it means “writing with light.” This photo captures the essence of who I am… I love it! It’s always interesting to me to learn a little about what a photographer sees when he or she captures your image. In this photo, I was completely natural, no makeup, sweating in the Curacao heat, all flaws exposed and my hair was a mess. But somehow my photographer captured something more. He saw something different as reflected in this shot. He said the light was hitting me well and became inspired by the idea of capturing his vision. Nothing here was rehearsed it was spur of the moment which generally reveals those raw moments that are haute. In my opinion, it’s the way that you capture life. There’s nothing more intoxicating.

What do you think about this shot by my celebrity photographer?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Designer Mychael Knight's Haute New Dress!

Atlanta-based Fashion Designer Mychael Knight debuts Two², his haute new signature dress that can be worn four ways! I love designers who think about the everyday woman and her needs. After all, we can’t work an avant-garde look every day.

The former Bravo TV Project Runway standout and finalist from season three has always had a knack for understanding his clients’ needs. But this year, he decided to stitch something new. Knight wanted to experiment a little more. He admits that he needed a little “couture” cleansing allowing him to start fresh by stepping away from the Project Runway image with a blank slate.

“For four years, I’ve been thinking about a cool duality that’s chic and sophisticated,” explains Knight. So he designed a dress that allows for multiple fashion options. It’s Knight’s mark on the fashion world just like the wrap dress for Designer Diane von Furstenberg.

The Two² dress takes you from day to night… even to the pool. It comes in three color options, black/white, black/nude, black/red in sizes small to extra large in an easy jersey, lycra fabric. “There’s nothing more inspiring than designing around shapes and curves”, adds Knight. “I want women to be able to live in my clothes.”

Think about this… you’re a jet-setter; you arrive in Miami wearing the black and white dress. You dash off to lunch in your little white dress with the zipper in the back. Afterwards, it’s time for a little poolside relaxation, so you turn the dress to the front and unzip it with your swimsuit underneath. It’s now your cover-up. When it’s time to paint the town… switch it to basic black, change the neckline, flip it so now the zipper is in the back and add your bling! “I like to design for women who like to live life because they have their own vibe and movement.”

I predict fashionistas will quickly grab Knight’s new “It” dress because it’s travel-ready… one dress, four options for 24-hour HAUTEness!

Two² can be purchased online at for just $79.99!

Do you like dual function clothes?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mocha Moon Introduces Haute Travel Bags!

A haute travel tote and makeup case by Mocha Moon makes travel easier. The croc embossed mocha colored Lori tote and Perez organizer with removable pouches is lightweight and holds all of your beauty essentials. It’s a chic alternative to the boring plastic sandwich bags that most people use to carry their makeup. Creator Lori Louis designed the functional travel bags to meet the needs of today’s travelista! “Our goal is to help you feel organized and empowered.”

I love the rich mocha color set that I won at a drawing on Sunday! And I can’t wait to put the bag to my travel test when I head back to Mexico for a yoga retreat at Ceibe del Mar in November. The bags also come in other colors so you can purchase one for all of your travel seasons!

To learn more about Mocha Moon visit

What do you think about Mocha Moon?

What’s HAUTE in my Travel Bag?

Going on a long road trip or just bouncing around town? Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a bottle of HINT water. The all natural, unsweetened essence water is perfect in helping you beat the heat. I recently checked into the Hyatt Regency in Louisville, Kentucky with a bottle of Hint water in my bag. Just a sip and you’ll stay hydrated without all the calories that come from sugar! I love the flavors… watermelon is my new fave!

To learn more visit or join them on Facebook at

Jet setting around the world can cause you to neglect your workout routine. But now you can take your daily workout on the road to get your haute body tight! I recently received a set of 3 DVD’s dubbed the Montenegro Method to help me stay physically active while on the go. All you need is 21 minutes to workout without leaving your hotel room for the gym so no equipment is needed. And the diet guide book with over 60 meal options is small enough to fit into your purse. So watch what you eat to stay fit!

What's in your travel bag that helps you stay fit and refreshed?

5th Street Cafe is HAUTE!

The haute new 5th Street Café opens in Atlanta’s chic Midtown. Traditional black and white French bistro décor with flashes of color, elegant crocodile, patent leather booths adorned with claw feet and new patio wows patrons who may shout ooOOh la la!

A.D. Allushi and Chef Ian Winslade, co-owners of ADI Restaurant Concepts, partnered with Atlanta Hawk Zaza Pachulia in converting ENO by Zaza into the European contemporary 5th Street Café. The group recently launched Buckhead Bottle Bar, located in the heart of Buckhead

For the menu, expect favorite bistro and café fare, such as a charcuterie plate of meats and cheeses, frisee salad with bacon, shallot vinaigrette and soft poached egg, potato gnocchi, basil butter and spring vegetables. The former wine shop and tasting room has been remodeled into a patisserie with fresh breads and pastries.

5th Street Café is a great spot to meet friends for a memorable evening out… I totally enjoyed girlfriend hour with my friend and fellow blogger Monique Steadman Eddleton. We had a blast! So Chic, so Haute!

To learn more visit

Will you check out 5th Street Cafe?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chanel Re-Opens Haute SoHo Boutique!

Chanel re-opens Soho boutique with a little more edge. The luxury brand has celebs and non-celebs flocking to its new store. There’s a new graffiti wall with Chanel spray paint and ten-foot high Chanel No. 5 bottle streaming the latest Paris runway footage that lets you know Coco is still in the house!

Haute handbags and dreamy lambskin makes this handbag bar second to none. There’s even an exclusive line of bags with a ‘Chanel Soho 2010’ engraved plaque. But don’t forget the shoes… the 2010 fall collection is out!

Personally, I can’t wait to view the J12 watch collection… still love mine! Looks like the first stop on my New York City tour will be in Soho.

Will you visit the new Chanel Boutique in Soho?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Idris Elba Interviews Haute Travels in Curacao

What happens when a chance meeting turns into a really cool conversation with one of the stars from the biggest movie out right now, Takers? Something HAUTE… that’s why when I got the chance to meet Idris Elba, I really wanted to know how travel inspires him, but he wanted to interview me. I’m thinking to myself, “Why” I’m not that interesting.

So I sat there trying to keep it together as he asked me questions about my career and beyond all without a shirt on with just a pair of shorts and that British accent that’s so HAUTE. But I got through it and thought… there’s still a story here after all. I just didn’t recognize it.

Imagine sitting on a beautiful stretch of beach in one of the prettiest places on earth, Curacao, talking to “Driis” as his friends call him and not having seen his new movie or the television series, The Wire! Lol However, in my defense, I planned to see Takers this week! Fortunately, he didn’t seem to hold that against me and instead decided that he wanted to know more about this southern girl from Atlanta who knew absolutely nothing about all the things that made him famous. In fact, he seemed to like it. I was honest about it. And he may have even been intrigued by that. But from my perspective, it made him a person to me and not a celebrity. So in that unguarded moment, I was candid with him.

Here are 5 questions that Idris Elba asked before he went for a swim in the ocean... leaving me thinking, wow, he really got me with the role reversal!

Idris: Why did you move back to Atlanta?

Answer: So that I could spend more time with my parents who missed me while I lived in Chicago for so many years. Now they’re older.

Idris: What’s your favorite city to travel to?

Answer: Paris, it’s the place where I feel the most creative and free

Idris: Do you always poke your lip out when you think no one is watching?

Answer: I don’t… but he said “Yes, you do. I saw you do it.” Lol Of course, I kept denying it!

Idris: What makes you happy?

Answer: Helping people who want to write about travel… find their passion and follow their dream. At the end of the day, I’m also a story teller. So I help people lay the blueprint for creating their own script about their lives. 

Idris: What’s your real age?
Answer: ??… but he says, “No Way!” Yes, really.

Thanks Mr. Elba for flipping the script and giving me a story that I never expected. You just never know how chance encounters offer an opportunity for introspection in those spare moments (that we rarely have time for) allowing someone to see inside your soul. By changing things up, I got to learn a lot more about you than I could have ever imagined.

What do you think about Idris' role reversal interview?