Monday, December 15, 2014

Haute Beauty Products From Paris!

When a Haute Travels girl travels the globe, she just may discover some amazing beauty products from the most fashionable places. Here are a few of my beauty must-haves for my Haute Travels bag from Paris.

I love the Dior Air Flash Spray Foundation in 500. It gives me great coverage and matches my skin flawlessly. And to keep it in place, I use the Dior Air Flash CC Primer and touch it up on long flights with Air Flash Matte Touch.

I recently discovered the beauty of By Terry Baume De Rose Nutri-Couleur. These lips balms are super hydrating and rich in color. The formula is mixed with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help fight free radicals leaving my lips soft and sweet.

I also love the By Terry Rose De Rose blush… the pigment is amazing with light, medium and dark shades and it smells like roses on my cheeks. The packaging is also super chic in a silver compact with matching velvet cover.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Annick Goutal Experience

French perfume house Annick Goutal blossoms when it comes to fragrances that elicit emotion. I am currently loving Vent De Folie with notes of blood orange and geranium rosa mixed with blackcurrant and raspberry. The fragrance speaks to the optimistic and spontaneous young woman who embraces life with all of its insanity.

Annick Goutal was passionate about displaying her love for fragrance and the magic of timeless experiences they inspire. A visit to one of her boutiques represent an experience for the soul inviting you to use your sense of smell and touch to engage.

In the exclusive world of high-end, French-style luxury, Annick Goutal never disappoints. Each product collection is unique with its own identity... and every bottle of perfume comes with a beautiful signed note from Annick Goutal.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Haute Travels Tips to Stay Connected!

When traveling from the USA to Europe staying in touch with friends and family can be very expensive. But there are a number of ways to make phone calls without spending the bank using new technology that makes life easier.

Here are five ways to keep roaming charges under control, while you stay connected with smartphones and tablets:

I love using Facetime on my iPad mini, but it requires Wi-Fi and once connected I can chat with friends from the beach in the Bahamas or a café in Paris!

Get an unlocked phone to use with different carriers like a verykool SL5000 Quantum with 4 G LTE support and add a local SIM card that you may purchase from a carrier in London for example. This will allow you to receive calls while you’re in the UK.

You may want to get an unlocked phone with dual SIM card capability like the verykool s505 so that you don’t miss calls from home. This allows you to use your cell phone to receive calls from the USA and add a second SIM card to make local calls.

If you’re looking to save space in your travel bag, pick up a Phablet like the verykool s5510 Juno. It’s like having a mobile phone and tablet all in one. You can take high quality photos and even look at documents while on the go with the 5.5 inch screen. Since the s5510 is unlocked, you can also put in a local SIM card and make personal and business calls while traveling in another country.

You can also purchase an inexpensive mobile phone with prepaid minutes from a local carrier when in Europe for example. But be sure to use all of your minutes because they will expire within a year of purchase and use of the phone.

Disclosure:  I have both the verykool SL5000 and the s5510 Juno for travel compliments of the company for review. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Haute Beauty Look!

The Tom Ford Beauty cosmetic line is gorgeous! Here's my pre-fall look using the most amazing beauty must-haves in luxury cosmetics.

Here are 10 Tom Ford beauty essentials that made my look HAUTE!

1. Eye Primer Duo
2. Illuminating Primer
3. Traceless Foundation Stick (Praline)
4. Concealing Pen (Medium)
5. Eye Color Quad (Orchid Haze)  
6. Eye Defining Pen
7. Brow Sculptor (Chestnut)
8. Conturing Cheek Color
9. Lip Color (Violet Fatale)  
10. Translucent Finishing Powder

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Haute Look!

My Better Mornings Atlanta TV look was compliments of Neiman Marcus... the dress ($275)  is by Erin and the coat is Christian Dior ($4,100). 

A special thank you to Makeup Artist Gwynnis Mosby and hair by Jennifer Green and Zara Green (Instagram:  @Zara1)

Haute Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends!

I teamed up with Neiman Marcus Atlanta to bring you the latest fall fashion and beauty looks. Neiman Marcus Atlanta PR Director Rebecca Brodnan and I appeared on Better Mornings Atlanta to highlight the seasons new colors... as well as Global Chic fashion trends.

Here are 7 Fashion Trends for Fall 2014

1. Green and Gray are power players this season
2. The year round bootie makes a statement
3. Large Chunky Jewelry is Tres Chic
4. The Clutch brings your outfit to life
5. Outer Wear adds personality
6. Bold prints makes Global Chic Haute
7. A statement bag in a bold color gives the wow factor

When it comes to makeup looks our models wore amazing eye shadow palettes by Chanel (Green) Les 4 Ombres, Christian Dior (Gray) The Bar and Bobbi Brown (Global Chic). Christian Dior and Chanel models gave us strong eyes and nude lips, while Bobbi Brown highlighted skin looking like skin with a flawless foundation and a rosy lip. 

Atelier Is Haute!

My new fragrance obsession from Paris... Atelier's Orange Sanguine is extremely lovely. It makes me smile when I apply it to my wrists and the back of my ear.  

It's the kind of fragrance that evokes special memories. It's the first Maison de Parfum dedicated to cologne. The Cologne Absolue celebrates the essence of citrus fragrances and oils such as blood orange; it's a central ingredient in making pure perfume.

The blending process literally takes the woman or man who wears it around the world. Top notes include blood orange from Italy, bitter orange from Spain and red mandarin from Italy. Heart notes include, Jasmine from Egypt, geranium from South Africa and black pepper from Madagascar. The mixture concludes with base notes from tonka bean from Brazil, Sandalwood from Indonesia and cedarwood from Texas.

Once applied, I can feel the essential oils on my skin and its lasting power of  something beautiful.

The Atelier Cologne bottles can be refilled or reused. Additionally, travel size fragrances come with an engraved leather case to match the bottle top. You can also add a lovely candle to bring the fragrance into your sacred space. I selected the Rose Anonyme because Turkish rose is one of my favorite scents.

Sodashi Makes Skincare Beautiful

Australian based Sodashi creates some of the most luxurious, chemical-free skincare products on the planet. I love my new Rejuvenate Skin Care Kit for travel. It has everything that I'll need for an upcoming trip to an island paradise... skin boost, face mist, clay cleanser with lavender, face and neck moisturizer, rejuvenating concentrate and an eye and lip smoother.

Sodashi, means wholeness, purity and radiance... it also describes the values of the company which are in line with my own. I'm looking forward to the healing powers of the products imparting a sense of well-being that is more than skin deep.

From London with Love

I love a great scented candle especially the M&J London Samadhi candle. Samadhi is a state of consciousness induced when one enters a state of meditation, going within, being still. The notes include rose, tulsi and karpuura. Together, the fragrances from essential oils create a spiritual place where peace and calm travels through the room, the soul and leaves the spirit refreshed, renewed. 

I absolutely love this candle inspired by different destinations around the world. I discovered it while relaxing at The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. Simply breathing in the fragrance settles the mind, body and spirit. It is extremely relaxing and provocative. To reach Samadhi means you have reached enlightenment.

The M&J London candles are hand poured with love with soya wax into recycled glass containers. The candle burns clean. When you're done, you'll be happy to know it's packaged to protect the environment... you can even recycle the box. This is ethical luxury at it's best.

But helping the community doesn't end with the packaging, owner Jennifer McNabb says, every £1 from each large candle sold is donated to the London based women's charity, Eaves. Just imagine, when you purchase a candle from M&J London, you have the power to change lives... now that's money well spent.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is Haute!

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta is a luxurious retreat located in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead community.

My day of pampering began when I walked into a private suite for the Peaches and Cream body treatment. The ritual starts with a ceremonial footbath, washing away the stresses of daily life as you pay tribute to the ancestors. 

The therapist starts the peaches and cream journey by applying an apricot scrub all over the body with broad, sweeping strokes to lift and remove dead skin cells. Once the skin has been prepared for the next phase, a soothing massage of warm cream and peach oil is applied and devoured by the skin.

After your body has been transported to a state of bliss and feeling satiny smooth, the therapist applies the ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud to the scalp for a soothing massage that conditions and stimulates hair growth. I love the rich minerals derived from red clay; it’s rich in iron and vitamin C. It leaves dry hair, soft and more manageable.  This is definitely a product that I’m adding to my Haute Travels bag!

After my nearly two hour long treatment, I was off to the steam room to let the products absorb even more into my skin and scalp boosting intensity. And then it was off to sit poolside with my smoothie for a relaxing afternoon. 
The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, offers amazing treatments, customized for your unique needs. I will be back for another afternoon of pure indulgence and truly effective treatments that restore and revitalize the mind, body and soul.

Bonus! You can see my selfies and other photos from The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta on my @HauteTravels Instagram and Google + pages!

The Beauty of Coconut Oil

As every Haute Travels girl knows, some of the most effective beauty products are in your kitchen. I use an organic Virgin Coconut Oil for my hair, skin and nails to moisturize, condition and heal. It even helps in the anti-aging department. Coconut oil is excellent in nourishing dry skin and hair. It even helps to speed up the healing process because it's loaded with proteins that aid in tissue repair. 

Here are some beautiful ways to use Coconut oil...


Coconut oil helps improve dryness in hair. I actually soak my hair in warm coconut oil (place the solid coconut oil under warm water to melt) and put a plastic cap on either overnight or for two or three hours before washing with an organic shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and silky.


I add coconut oil to my favorite moisturizer/lotions or apply in it's liquid state to my skin for added hydration, while my skin is still damp from a bath. The oil absorbs into the skin quickly, helping it retain more moisture. Vitamin E in the oil also helps with its nourishing properties.


I soak my nails in coconut oil to help keep my cuticles from getting dry. And I even apply the oil to my feet concentrating on the heels to keep the skin from cracking due to dryness.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is an excellent natural makeup remover. Just rub it in your palms to melt and apply it to your face. Use a soft tissue to remove the excess oil and makeup.


You can add coconut oil to sea salts and sugars and make a scrub to help removed dead skin cells. Apply gently to damp skin and massage away. Just rinse or soak the skin when you're ready to wash it off.

Haute Travels Tip: Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil is great for a variety of skin care needs

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Haute New Products from Jouer

I love to play with fabulous beauty products, therefore it's not surprising that Jouer is one of my new favorites. The word Jouer literally means "to play" in French. The beauty brand's Founder and Creative Director Christina Zilber says, "Your makeup drawer is your beauty wardrobe!" 

I just added some Jouer Lip Sheer with SPF to my Haute Travels bag! I absolutely love the hint of color that moisturizes and protects from the sun's harmful rays. The sheer Rosy and the Maui stain naturally adjust to my own PH and adds a personal flush of color for a natural look. 

I also added the Tint for cheeks in sunkissed to bring about a glow no matter where I go.The great thing about this product... you can also use it on your lips! Just simply apply it with your fingertips and brush over your lips. This product is loaded with vitamin E and shea butter to nourish the skin.

The moisturizing lip glosses are also pretty wonderful. My favorite color right now is Peony! The pink pops on my lips to complete a Haute Travels signature lip. 

SKORA Makes Working Out Haute!

It's time to add a workout to my day... and that means the right sneaker makes all the difference. I recently discovered the amazing SKORA running shoe. It's made with the best technical and performance materials to ensure quality and comfort. 

The fit is great and details like the asymmetrical lace up is pretty haute. The shoe offers fantastic support and there is reflective mesh for nighttime running or power walking making the person wearing the sneaker easily visible for a safer workout!

I also love that it's water and sweat resistant. This shoe is designed to be responsive to various conditions. It's even designed to stay comfortable no matter the surface with a multi-surface traction control. 

I find it also works well for indoor workouts on different types of floors... offering enough cushion for any workout. The SKORA sneaker offers high performance and natural movement for a great workout. 

Haute Beauty Oil Treatments

Summer is the season of beauty oils and I always add them to my Haute Travels bag. Although the skin naturally produces oil, adding more oil to help with dryness and keeping the skin firm can make a tremendous. Oils penetrate the skin faster than many creams... and potent fatty acids can help protect the skin from free radicals and even reduces the signs of aging.

Here are three beauty oils that I use for my face and body from Clarins, Bottega Veneta and L'Oreal Paris. They are amazing products delivering great results no matter where my Haute Travels take me. 

I am in love with Bottega Veneta's satin body oil. It's lightly scented and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Just massage it into your skin when it's damp from a bath and you'll instantly feel the difference. It leaves beautiful satiny soft skin with no oily residue. I also love to pair it with the satin body powder on a nice breezy evening in the South of France.

When I'm traveling to the Caribbean, I always add my Clarins "Anti-Eau" Body Treatment Oil to my carry on. It's made with 100% pure plant extracts to drive toxins from the skin, while also shaping, toning and firming. Plus, lemon extracts help energize, while hazel nut nourishes the skin. The best way to apply the oil is to first warm it in your hands and massage it into the thighs, legs and ankles. It's also best to follow with a cool shower to further activate the product by sealing it into the skin.

When my face starts to get dry during winter in London, I break out my L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil. It absorbs into the skin instantly leaving it more radiant. It contains eight essential oils to combat dryness and leave skin feeling soft. I also use it right before bed to hydrate overnight. 

The great thing about oils, you can easily add them to other products like cleansers, moisturizers even shampoo and conditioners to increase hydration to hair, skin and nails.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bvlgari's Jasmin Noir is Haute!

One of my new Haute Travels favorite things to add to my travel bag is a fragrance from Bvlgari. I am loving my collection of Jasmin Noir lotion, parfum and soap. It's for the girl who walks into a room and brings a bit of mystery along with her. Notes of Jasmin, gardenia florals and wood accented with almond create a subtle combination of hautness. 

The black and gold packaging adds a richness that you'll only find with Bvlgari. There is only one way to travel and that's HAUTE! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Haute Spot: NM Cafe

The NM Café inside the Neiman Marcus department store in Atlanta’s posh Buckhead area allows stylish lunch options. This cozy and casual café offers a menu full of amazing dishes like chic soups, salads, and fashionable desserts served up by Chef Idris Muhammad. 

Haute Travels girls will love this stiletto dining environment starting with the café’s famous popovers and broth with a glass of the popular Ginger Peach Iced Tea.  The must-have She Crab Soup is delicious; it’s full of hearty chunks of jumbo lump crab meat. The Chicken Paillard Milanese was an obvious choice as a main entrée… the herb parmesan breaded chicken, Israeli couscous, mushrooms, baby carrots with arugula, seasoned tomato basil sauce and olive oil was delicious. And dessert was like a slice of heaven, the carrot cake and famous Neiman Marcus cookies were delightful! 

The NM Café is an Atlanta Haute spot for those who love dining where they shop… just a floor or two away from Haute Couture gives every girl something to smile about.

Cafe Manager Steven Waugh shared the secret recipe for the Ooh so amazing Ginger Peach Iced Tea. In fact, he and an employee created this special blend. It's made with water brewed with fresh ginger, peach tea and a special peach syrup. 

Haute Travels Tip: The Seafood Salad is a new menu item that you must try! It's full of flavor and makes a great summer selection for lunch.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Haute Travels Social Calendar for Paris!

If you love the fashion and beauty of travel, I can create a social calendar for your dream trip to Paris, France. It's only the most amazing and fashionable city in the world so why not allow me to help you make it happen for you and your guests? I can help you with everything from where to stay, spa and shop to setting up your photo shoot... just leave the details to me! And if you're traveling solo, no worries, I can show you how to make your exclusive experience one to remember.

If you're ready to get started, please email me at today! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Haute Stuff: L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun

As summer travel begins to unfold, it’s a great idea to start increasing your sun protection. While, I use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen year-round, I make an added effort to increase my UVA protection all over.  One of my favorite products is L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun containing sheer protect sunscreen oil, plus it’s water resistant and helps prevent sunburn. It helps keep the rays at bay, while my skin starts to glow! I definitely added this to my Haute Travels bag on my way to Cancun, Mexico.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Haute Spot: Le Vraymonde

When in Paris, you simply must make reservations for lunch or dinner at Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris' Le Vraymonde. The menu highlights a multitude of influences and the food is delicious. Chef Rougui Dia offers a "hybrid of innovative cuisine" in an intimate setting accented with red hues. 

I enjoyed a delightful lunch in the courtyard... with beef fillet, puree de patate douce and mint bearnaise sauce. The meal concluded with sinfully delicious chocolate cake and ice cream. I definitely send my compliments to Chef Dia.

Dinner was also amazing, Chef Dia came out to say hello and I must add her cheesecake is amazing!