Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Haute Birthday Celebration!

When I decided to meet a small group of friends for an intimate birthday celebration at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta… I didn’t imagine that I would have so much fun! It was like an evening of girlfriends meet Sex and the City!

You just never know how much you’ll learn about your friends and yourself when you open up and share your past, present and future. Now, while what we discussed at the St. Regis stays within the walls of the wine room, I can tell you that we laughed so hard—we cried!

We also shared our stories and secrets to our individual success and what we’d like to tackle next. Each one of the girls has decided to try something new in 2011… as smart women we’re always shifting and growing as our journey through life becomes more focused.

Our girls just having fun interaction caught the attention of a number of people who were in the hotel meeting friends or having a drink because a few of them came over to say hello to us. Our positive energy was infectious… and so was our Hauteness. We even had our own security detail!

As I ring in another birthday… I’ve never felt more alive or fabulous than I do right now. It’s true… I seem to get better with age. I’m stronger, wiser and more open than I’ve ever been. My relationships are sound and my circle of friends inspire and empower me every day. I’m so grateful to have the love of friends and family in a world where so many people have lost hope, faith and themselves.

But I’m not ready to wrap my birthday celebrations; I still have engagements in New York City and Miami!

How will you celebrate your birthday?

Appearing in the Haute Photos: Monique Eddleton @GoldnParachutes, Mattie James @Mattieologie, Tammie Reed @TalkingwithTami, and Jayda Cabbell @JaydaCabbell