Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Haute Hair Evolution!

Two months ago natural hair guru Robin Groover (yes, that Robin Groover from Sutera and Too Groovy Hair Salons) launched a campaign to take me from keratin to completely natural. She promised me that in 90 days she could make my hair stronger, longer and more manageable. I’m thinking really?? We’re now about 60 days in and my hair has fallen under her spell! It’s like somebody opened the flood gates and now my hair is cascading down my back just past my shoulders.

So what’s the secret? Robin keeps my hair hydrated with weekly stream treatments and she only uses her own products… Groove Therapy to customize my personal hair care needs. She’s also growing my keratin ends out and trims them every three to four weeks. I’m absolutely in love with the results.

So what’s next? Robin is growing my hair out about three more inches and changing the color. By the time my hair affair is over… I’ll be completely natural with haute hair that’s way too groovy for words!

So what do you think about the transformation?

My Haute Life!

There’s so much for me to smile about today. I’m stretching and growing in ways that I’ve always dreamed about. There is also so much more of me to reveal and that’s what makes my brand bigger than what you see on the blog.

So what’s in the works… a beauty project with a fabulous new Haute Travels investor, an escape with my followers to an exotic locale for a fashion event mixed with a beauty seminar and collaborations with other great brands that see the growing influence of my personal brand.

Although, the blog is quickly growing into a lifestyle brand it’s still my personal labor of love. It really does make me smile when I think about its evolution from a place where I could write about my travels to the site that’s launched an entire new career and business opportunity doing things that I get excited about.

All that I can say is stay tuned because the best is yet to come! And don’t forget to check out Ocean Style Magazine for an upcoming profile on me… that’s right, I’m getting international press! I’m thinking that Paris is next! Now that’s Haute!

What are you doing that makes you smile?