Sunday, September 25, 2011

Confidence is HAUTE!

I love hanging out in Los Angeles so when I have a chance to head west--I do! I was in LA on a philanthropic mission but I did have time to meet friends for dinner and meetings with my American Express prepaid card in hand. I also met two of my Haute Travels followers while in town.

On this day, I just wrapped a meeting with a swimsuit designer who creates sexy suits for curvy girls. While walking through the lobby of The Beverly Hilton, I noticed the flowers matched my dress so I had to pose for a picture.

Being in Hollywood means that you can’t help but notice that some people are supper skinny. But for girls who rock their curves, we also turn heads because we tend to be more secure in our skin and our confidence shows.

When I walked through the lobby of the hotel… heads turned and people smiled. I think the color of my dress along with my glow brightened their day! And that’s HAUTE!

What do you think about a confident woman?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Haute Travels Beauty Seminar with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine

Rhone Botanicals and Skincare Scrub is Haute!

After a long day of writing and consulting, there’s nothing like a little me-time in the bath. As you can imagine, I’m a product junky but only if I love it. I was sent a few products by Rhone Botanicals and Skincare to sample. I have to say… I really like the Dead Sea Salt face and body scrub with Eucalyptus. It’s amazing because it can also be used as aroma therapy without applying it to the skin.

Eventually, I tried the scrub on my legs and arms to remove dead skin cells revealing a smooth, soft new layer giving me a special glow. The great thing about the Dead Sea… it’s been a healing source since the beginning of time. These products improve blood circulation and detoxify the skin. The scrub really improves the appearance of dry skin and dark spots.

I’m a fan of products that offer 100% pure ingredients like unrefined Dead Sea salt and Shea butter that nourishes as it cleans and heals the skin. Rhone’s natural skin products offer a lesson in wellness that allows you to relax and release stress or tension before your day comes to an end. When a product makes me feel good… it’s tossed into my haute travels tote!

If you’d like to try Rhone Botanicals and Skincare products visit their site and don’t forget to bring your new American Express prepaid card along for purchase!

Are you a fan of natural products?

The New American Express Prepaid Card is HAUTE!

If you’re a girl who indulges in shopping sprees you will love the new American Express prepaid card. It makes life easy because you can set your own budget. I recently decided to test the new reloadable card, while boutique shopping in Atlanta. The card allows you to keep your spending in check. It’s easy to go over the limit that you place in your mind but never actually stays there… however; with the new card by American Express sticking to your budget is easy. You can even go online and track your spending, while reloading for free.
The best thing about the new prepaid card… it’s safer than using cash and credit cards. You’ll never have to worry about identity theft because the card isn’t linked to your credit or bank accounts. Plus, it offers fraud protection and your funds will be replaced if your card is ever lost or stolen.

As you can imagine, I found a number of items to take home along with the security of knowing that I stayed within my budget. If you’re looking for a great way to shop without worrying about fees or overspending… the new American Express prepaid card just may be for you! Order your card today by visiting

What do you think?

Disclaimer: As compensation, funds were provided to use for loading the card in exchange for a review of my experience with the new prepaid card.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Playboy Club Party at Vanquish!

Sometimes girls just want to have fun at The Playboy Club or at least a pop-up venue created to celebrate the launch of the new TV show on NBC. On Wednesday, some of Atlanta’s insiders turned out at the newly opened Vanquish Night Club to rub elbows with others paying homage to the golden age of the infamous 1960’s Chicago club.

The private event was presented by Rolling OUT gifting arriving guests with keys to the sexy night spot along with sample cocktails from Grey Goose Vodka or a simple glass of cranberry juice for those of us who are non-drinkers. There were also Playboy bunnies on hand to mingle and pose for pictures. But the best part of the evening… the atmosphere offered a perfect backdrop with a safari-theme allowing guests to relax and enjoy the music with their friends creating a seductive night to remember.

“The Playboy Club” airs September 19th on NBC… it’s going to be HAUTE!

Will you tune into "The Playboy Club?"